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daniel bremer
United States
It was a hot sunny afternoon, her water canteen  was almost empty but of a small sip left. Her half blood is the only thing keeping her from collapsing on the desert ground, dried and dusty. She trekked along, weary and heavy with her supplies. The nearest town was ten miles west, and the sun will set in six hours. She felt around her pockets and found out she wouldn't have enough money to get a hotel and more food and water. She licked her lips and then reached down and drank the last of her water. The trail was more of a dried lake bed, but it was the shortest route to the new town of Transville. It is a mining town, that thrives on gold and silver.

She paused for a moment to wipe the sweat from her pale skinned brow and look up at the clear blue skies. The temperature was at the most one-hundred and ten degrees,and the sun at its peak. She continued on, shuffling her dusty leather shoes on the floor, her leather coat, dragging on the ground a tad. The town was just over a small hill, and would give her a place to rest.  The hill was just coming into sight, and her pale blue eyes swirled with hopes of surviving this heat.

It would be a few more hours before she reached the hill, the sen about to go over the mountains in the distance. she set down her heavy pack and took a deep breath, her large breast jutting out with confidence and air. she started making her camp, for it would be too cold to trek the last two miles on foot at night. So she made camp in a waterproof leather tent and a camp fire. she put out a blanket and removed her coat, exposing a think wool shirt underneath, and thin black gloves that exposed her fingers. She also wore thin stockings, that were appealing to the eye, but still wearable for travel. She lay in her tent, close to the fire, generating heat, and she got under her blanket, and slowly went to sleep. In her pack next to her she had a colt .45 and plenty of ammo. Her silk like black hair flowed from her head onto her makeshift pillow of her coat and spare cloth. She passed out into a shallow sleep, her keen ears picking up any sounds of prey, or other dangers. Just before she fell asleep, she licked her fangs, which still had the taste of blood from her last source of food. her half blood can only get her so far though.


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